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Pocket Flip-Brella

Pocket Flip-Brella Inside Out Stay Dry Action Folds Wet Side In And Dry Side Out — Floors, Seats And Clothes Stay Pristine Dry!

  • Goes Up & Down Automatically — One Touch Easy!
  • Opens Smarter With Inside Out Action
  • Floors, Seats & Clothes Always Stay Dry
  • Pocket-Sized Umbrella — Takes Up Almost No Space At All
  • Withstand Nearly Hurricane Force Winds Up To 70 Miles An Hour
  • Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow — Stay Dry in Any Weather, Where Every You Go

Pocket Flip-Brella Fits Through The Smallest Openings — You Stay Dry Before You Even Step Outside!

Are you sick of umbrellas that bring the rain inside? Traditional umbrellas make it impossible to stay dry. When you open or close them, you get a slippery mess all over your floors & clothing. And when the wind blows, they break and leave you exposed.

Discover Pocket Flip-Brella. It’s the amazing, heavy-duty reversible umbrella that keeps you pristine & dry the entire time.

The secret is the revolutionary inside-out action. When you close it, the wet side folds inside and the dry side folds out. It holds the rain in a waterproof cone until you empty it into a sink or drain. You stay clean and dry and so do your clothes, floors, and furniture.

Instead of opening out and up like regular bulky umbrellas, Pocket Flip-Brella goes up and out. It can even fit through a 2" opening! This makes getting out of the car faster, easier, and drier than ever before.

While traditional umbrellas snap and bend in the slightest wind, Pocket Flip-Brella is built to last with a Double Layer, Vented Wind-Dispersing Design. It even stands strong in Tropical Force Winds over 51 MPH!